Courtroom Presentations & Evidence Production

We excel in helping create a vivid and stimulating Legal Presentation for Opening, Trial, and Closing that can help Jurors understand the case. We also help with preparing evidence by customizing the material to fit the cases needs.

Deposition Videography & Transcript Syncing

Our Team will help you make edits to your clients deposition videos while adding specialized captions in order to make the point clear for the jurors.

Seminar Videography & CLE Presentation Assistance

We have a history of coming through for our clients by assisting in all aspects of event presentations. Our technicians are trained in filming multiple interactive rooms at a time. Let us operate your event technology so you can focus on the material.

Legal Consultation & Evidence Evaluation

With over 12 years of experience we can provide professional consultation on the case and evidence in order to provide you with an accurate standing of the case. We also have experience as Expert Witness’s on evidence creation and trial consultation

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